I've created the companies profile page as well as fully completed the profiles for all company founders. But it's just not clear how to get the profile pages in front of the angels to whet their appetite and start building relationships with them.

I recommend viewing AngelList as a source of intel. A place of research.

Your inbound enquiries will be low.

But it's not Angel's strong point either way.

Find investors who are active in your business model or industry.

Connect with them.

Add them to a "target" list if you think they may be a fit.

Research them (LinkedIn and similar).

Possibly build rapport (not always necessary).

But approach them with a message that would be relevant to them. And pull their attention back to your AngelList company page.

Having the company page is great for reference ... but it, in itself, is not a "lead generation" method of any sort. Including for Angels.

Answered 5 years ago

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