I've created the companies profile page as well as fully completed the profiles for all company founders. But it's just not clear how to get the profile pages in front of the angels to whet their appetite and start building relationships with them.

The key on AngelList is to be either Featured or Trend. Featured companies are specifically chosen by a group of advisors to AngelList. About the only way to get this done is to know one of the people in the group. Most of these guys are easy to meet, but this is key.

Trending requires you to run a "blitz" on AngelList. AngelList measures Trending companies as the ones that have the most activity from Sunday to Sunday. Companies that Trend run a very coordinated campaign to get people to follow, ask for information, and invest all in a 7 day period. You will probably need more the 100 people to do this to trend.

It is also very important to have a great profile, a really strong Referrer, and be very good at responding to the investors.

Answered 8 years ago

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