First make sure that it is really important for you.

I would suggest some more 'soul searching'. What and Why and Who questions are good places to start. Like in most questions of this nature.

What: What do you really want? What kind of lifestyle, business success? How would you measure these?

Why: Why are these objectives important to you? What is the big deal?

Who: Who are the people you want to serve or market to? Who are the kinds of people you want to have on your team? Why?

Then find the mentors who have helped people achieve the results above.

Mentoring is a serious relationship - it should be. It is a partnership that is sacred - not in a spiritual context but in a honoring partnership context. The mentor usually gives of her or himself in terms of time, energy and opportunity cost. He or she typically wants to see you become successful - usually they operate at a higher level of a vision of helping people like you so that their view or vision of the world can be fulfilled. You have to demonstrate your clarity first or a very committed attention to discovering that clarity before any worthy mentor takes you on.

Answered 6 years ago

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