A few years back, my ambition was the only part of my life that I cared about. I was neglecting my health, relationships, and my happiness — all in the name of "more".

I got a rude awakening when my beard turned white and fell out in patches. I was LITERALLY killing myself with the way I was working.

At that point, I took a self-destructive stance: I'd focus on my health and happiness more than work, even if it meant I wasn't making as much progress at work.

The irony was that I had been overworking before, so my productivity and success IMPROVED when I scaled back and approached work with more balance.

I'm currently living in Thailand with my girlfriend, working roughly 30 hours each week and earning twice as much as I did before. I'm also making more progress on my hobby projects than I did when I was only focused on work. I've also lost 40 lbs and generally just enjoy being alive. And my beard grew back.

I've worked with some of my clients to bring in more balance, and they've seen similar improvements across the board. I'd be happy to discuss philosophy and strategy behind all of this with you if you'd like.

Just remember: we work to create the opportunity to live life on our terms. If work is preventing us from living the life we want, we've lost sight of the purpose of working.

Good luck!

Answered 7 years ago

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