I have built a site and am convinced that it can get huge numbers and traffic based on the value proposition. I think journalists will write about it and people will want to check it out. It is free to use. The plan is to get the number( if my confidence is not unjustified & not just a pipe dream) and then decide on the best way to monetize it based on where users find value and how they use it. We obviously have ideas about the various ways it could be monetized. Is it being daft not to have this plan set in stone from the outset? Is it naive to believe numbers can always be turned into revenue, (ie value can always be monetized). Costs of running the site are fairly low (other than hosting, support etc)

When it comes to attracting journalists to write about your site, refer to my answer on how to pitch those writers (

Large traffic numbers don't necessarily mean revenue; if that were true, small niche sites would not generate revenue.

Your revenue opportunity lies in the eye of the visitor - do they see value in your proposition? If you have more traffic, you can be less strategic and less calculated, because the law of numbers is more forgiving than if you were working with a smaller audience.

But focus on solving the need for your masses and you'll generate the revenue.

Answered 6 years ago

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