We are launching a B2B SAAS based Online platform which offers different products to clients for different application areas. All these products are stand alone and not connected to the main offering. Currently We have 3 plans which is based on Number of users. Higher plans have additional features like whitelabel etc. We have 4 different add on products which can help the same clients in case they need it. So instead of opting it to all, can we have it as an add on with separate price for each. So instead of clubbing all products and offering under one plan or one pricing, we can allow clients to pick and paying for all add ons they feel is required. So client X who wants only One product pays only for that and Client Y who needs all products pays for all 4 but at a special discount. 1. Does this kind for pricing work in SAAS? 2. Is it better for SAAS conversion to have all products offered to the client).

You should plan on dynamic pricing tied to Audiences, Persona Groups, and Personas, we build platforms that price down to an individual pricing unit per user.

Do the extra work and make your service price flexible, and always start at the top of the market.

Answered 6 years ago

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