I started my own WordPress plugins shop 6 months ago, branded with my personal name. Until now, I have been selling two plugins which are quite successful in term of sales. However I feel that the magnitude of work is overwhelming especially in the areas where I lack some skill, such as marketing and design. I am thinking of two options, that's where I need your advice. 1- Continue by myself in my shop, and hire freelancers to do the marketing and design work. 2- Find a partner who will help me in the shop and share profits with me. This option would lead me to rename the shop to a company name instead of my personal name. 3- Alternative advice to the previous two is also welcome.

If you don't mind managing other people, keeping full control will probably be less frustrating in the long run. Your business has a narrow offering, so adding multiple opinions may result in more headaches.

Management is a whole separate skill, though, so be prepared to dedicate real time to managing your team (whether it's a partner or a contractor).

Another option — assuming the marketing and design is within your capabilities — is to work on the way you schedule your time, which could make the work seem less demanding and take less time. This is what I've done (I'm a developer, designer, and marketer), and after owning an agency with both partners and contractors, I've much preferred staying on my own and being a better manager for myself.

If that sounds like something that would work for you, I'd be happy to talk with you about laying out strategies to make that work. Request a call and we'll set it up.

Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

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