When you have $200 left in your account (but you have a place to stay and food), what are your options?

Selling your services will also take a while to get paid. If you are a consultant, unless you can establish a retainer agreement, you will still be 60 days before you get paid.

Honestly, you need to sell "stuff" if you need immediate income. What can you make or craft? What kind of information products can you develop quickly that people will buy online?

You need a strategy like this while developing a possible services offering/clients. You may need to even just get a job that will pay you every two weeks and develop a new venture on the side.

Unfortunately, nothing comes free, quick or easy. Develop a plan to get back on your feet, but in the mean time find something that you can make that you can sell in a cash exchange transaction quickly.

Answered 7 years ago

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