Our small digital agency is currently running into project management problems, as we're following the waterfall methodology which we continuously have hold-ups in the design phase. Our clients are initially very active with feedback in the beginning but then it becomes 2-5 days sometimes before we get feedback on a design, which is affecting our pipeline as well as milestone payment cash flow. Can anyone recommend a web design pm course that will help us fix our problems? We may need to learn a new methodology i.e. agile, scrum etc in-order to fix the problem. We build websites on Magento, Shopify and WordPress. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Project management courses can be divided into various categories depending on the level you are in.
Are you a project management beginner?
1. PRINCE2: PRINCE2 is probably the most popular and perhaps the most widely recognised project management methodology in Europe. Taking a PRINCE2 course will show employers you know the hard and fast fundamentals of project management. The recruitment process for project management roles can be a long hard slog, so hiring managers will probably not bother reading the CVs of anyone without the minimum of a PRINCE2.
2. CAPM: The general purpose of the CAPM and the reason to take the certification is to get yourself up to a level of project competence that matches the million other project managers across the globe.
Are you a project manager with intermediate level experience?
1. PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner: The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner has a prerequisite, that candidates have completed a year in the industry i.e. worked on projects in some way. By having a few different methodologies under your belt, not only does it look great on your CV, you’ll also be able to start making decisions for yourself about what style of project management works for you. It’s all about learning and developing your version of project management.
Are you an experienced project manager?
1. PMP: It requires you to have a few years’ experience leading projects and completing the qualification proves your experience and competency level in managing projects effectively and efficiently. Hiring managers love to see this qualification on people’s CVs as you cannot just get the certification outright.
2. Six Sigma: There are different levels for different experience levels and the goal of an experience project manager would be to reach black belt. Reaching this certification will deliver with a £100k salary job.
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