Do you need any kind of 'backing' as an entrepreneur? Be it in the form of emotional/financial/legal help? Who are your best friends as an entrepreneur? Other fellow entrepreneurs in different industries?

To some extent, we are all alone. I don’t mean that to sound dark or even negative, but it’s important to recognise that we are all on our individual journeys and our passions, our hopes and dreams, our fears and our moments of glory will not necessarily be shared by other people. In more practical terms, being an entrepreneur will often mean working from home, from Starbucks, or from a hotel, so we are likely to also be spending a lot of time in our own company.

Recognising the reality that we are alone, there are things we can do to connect with other people and get the support that we need or want!

One option of course is working with a business partner. This brings with it all kinds of benefits in terms of bouncing ideas off each other, dividing tasks, having fun, sharing your wins and your concerns. It can also complicate matters, of course, as it means you have to take someone else’s opinions into account! An agreement with clear roles and expectations outlined can help to avoid uncomfortable situations there...

Another option is finding a mentor. This is someone who has been there before, who can provide advice and guidance when you need it. Recognising what we don’t know is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of maturity and of wanting to learn. This applies also to specific areas where we know that we lack skills or experience, such as financial, legal or technical topics, and we will save time and make less mistakes if we consult an expert.

And finally I can strongly recommend finding your “tribe”. When we first quit our full-time jobs to launch a business, we are leaving behind an office structure with colleagues, managers and friends who are in that space both physically and mentally. As entrepreneurs, we are in a different space and finding other people in the same kind of situation can provide a support network as well as friendships and fun! You can find your tribe by going to networking events, finding online groups, and also looking into co-working spaces.

Good luck!

(I quit my job two years ago and since then I've been building a life that now involves coaching individuals and groups on living their most fulfilled lives, training organisations on management skills and digital marketing, and mentoring start-ups. My friends are increasingly fellow entrepreneurs who I've met at various events, adventurers who have quit their jobs and are saying yes to doing new things, and people who share my values and beliefs.)

Answered 6 years ago

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