How I can find my Profitable Niche market for my consulting and coaching business. I'm developing a program to help people start their digital businesses based on their skills and knowledge. How i can find my narrow target audience who are motivated to participate in my coaching program?

Guy has already addressed some of the technical aspects of evaluating a niche.

I'll take a little more generalized approach.

What and who are you passionate about helping?

For example, I have a great amount of knowledge in a particular field, but hate working in it. On the other hand, I am always excited to learn more about applying technology in marketing and sales to make more efficient and effective connections between brands and consumers.

To choose to target those who could use my talents in the first scenario may be profitable, but I would not be happy. Whereas spending time with those I can help in the area I am passionate about will inspire me to get up and tackle new problems every day.

Even as a consultant, helping others pursue *their* passion, you will want to start your journey in a field or industry that *you* have a passion for. Otherwise, you will be less effective to them AND be ticking down the seconds until you reach frustration in a field you're not enthusiastic about.

Answered 5 years ago

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