Several people I know have been affected by an issue that (I believe) deserves to be considered for a class action lawsuit. Damages go into the tens of thousands at a minimum – simply totaling the reimbursements they're clearly owed. However, nobody involved has much experience dealing with law firms; and because they've (allegedly) been victimized, they're mostly strapped for cash. This is a motley group; so coordinating their actions is difficult. Right now, a couple of us – who are friendly to those affected but not victims ourselves – are attempting to put them in touch with legal representation. How do we find the right sort of attorney for a class action lawsuit? Will attorneys of this kind bill hourly, or will they take the case unpaid – as personal injury lawyers often advertise they'll do – in exchange for a percentage of some future payout? Any advice from people with experience in this area – lawyers or not – would be appreciated. I realize that legal advice can't be given in this fashion, but guidance about what to expect and suggestions for how to proceed would help a lost bunch of folks get their bearings.

I can't tell from your questions which jurisdiction your case belongs to. I am based in Ontario, Canada where you will indeed find firms that will work on a contingency fee model. Class action lawsuits are increasingly funded by third parties as well, who will bear the risk and receive a percentage upon success. In Ontario, you can even apply for funding from Law Foundation of Ontario. I encourage you to talk to a few firms in your area. I am sure you will find a workable model with a law firm as long as the case has reasonable chances of success.

Answered 6 years ago

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