I am Founder CEO of a travel startup that is about to launch our product on January 15th. I am wondering what strategy I can use in order to get Press to write articles about our launch. To give you a perspective on launch, we will be doing an early bird campaign between Dec 15th - Jan 15th where people can buy our membership products at discounted prices. We have an awesome SM campaign happening on twitter and FB right now wherein a large number of bloggers and travel agents involved as partners with us. Between now and launch, we will have 3000 impression on twitter and 1500 impression on FB about our company. Given all these accomplishments, I want to know how to attract Press to write articles about us.

Most people -- regardless of their company or product -- go about attracting press the wrong way.

The publications exist to provide value to their readers and increase their own readership.

Rather than proclaiming how your product is the most amazing thing since sliced bread, think about it from the publication's point of view.

How will YOU help THEM solve a problem for THEIR readers?

Secondly, do your research on which author/contributor/editor/writer to contact. Not all cover the same topic, nor do they all have the same interests. What may be appealing to one may look like spam to the next. Understand who on staff covers your industry or similar products. Look at what features they highlighted in other product/service reviews; these are the issues they feel are important to their readers.

Help them solve THEIR problem and they'll write about you all day long.

Answered 7 years ago

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