I didn't know if anyone could provide me with some good ecommerce tradeshows/exhibits for a small growing digital web agency to exhibit at that they could find potential clients? We are seeking to find small-medium sized businesses (with a revenue from 1-150 million in sales). If you could recommend any shows that you know of that would be awesome! Thanks so much!

So the answer really depends on your target client profile (size, comp, industry etc) as well as your budget/availability of team members to attend. the other question you'll want to consider is what participation at these events can mean. In my experience, especially at the various ecommerce events around the country/globe, is that you can interact with others in a range of ways (from just being a normal attendee to setting up a booth as a vendor and in some cases even participating in a keynote or panel discussion etc.)

I would consider focusing on tradeshows that highlight the tech stacks you specialize or work in (make sure that the largest % of the pool are on services or technology platforms you specialize or have deep knowledge in.) So Shopify and Spree for Rails, Magento and Wordpress for PHP etc.

Happy to offer any insight/advice I can, sounds like your shop is where my was 4-5 years ago (so, definitely been in your shoes haha.) Feel free to reach out and schedule some time to connect!

Answered 5 years ago

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