Hi! I'm the owner of and I'm going to take the next step by hiring full time help and setting up a limited company. I've got wantwebsite, wantseo, wantapp domains and thinking about creating landings with focus on each service (wantdesign will be just for branding services and print design). Is this a good idea or should I find a new, more brandable, name and run everything under one name? Thank you.

I agree with Anwar's suggestions above.

To add more on the communication side of things, Customers like to identify a set of services with a particular name. For instance, McDonald's is a food brand, Nike is a shoes and apparel brand. I'd pitch to you that design is more than just the look of things, it is the creative structuring and setting up of a vision that solves people's problems. So sticking with wantdesign is absolutely fine even if you branch out from web design to include apps and SEO services.

Let's get on a call about what you feel your central service is and what we can do to create a spiral marketing structure around it. Look forward to speaking with you!


Answered 7 years ago

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