Hi! I'm the owner of and I'm going to take the next step by hiring full time help and setting up a limited company. I've got wantwebsite, wantseo, wantapp domains and thinking about creating landings with focus on each service (wantdesign will be just for branding services and print design). Is this a good idea or should I find a new, more brandable, name and run everything under one name? Thank you.

Hi — there are 2 angles to consider, here.

1. From the customers' point-of-view, it may be confusing to jump from one domain to another. Gives the impression that you have been redirected to another company's website. Better to have one website, with all your services (like many digital agencies do). Especially when the services are all related somewhat.

2. From an SEO point-of-view, the keywords in each of the services you have listed are very competitive. So, it is probably more efficient to put all your SEO efforts on a single combined entity.

Answered 7 years ago

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