I previously used Zirtual for a few months, and really loved it (but my cash flow was very limited so I had to cancel it). The company has since imploded, so I'm hesitant to hire them again. Do you have any recommendations for alternatives? I am looking for US-based, and higher quality (not just someone to book meetings but also someone who can do research, create spreadsheets, create letters based on a template but that need to be customized, etc). Any recommendations?


My name is Joel Nelson, founder of a Philippines based Virtual Staffing company.

I am truly sorry to hear your work has been interrupted by Zirtual’s unfortunate demise. Sadly, the model Zirtual employed was/is unsustainable; I know this because I had originally structure Zen Virtual Assistants the same way - only in our case we focus exclusively on Filipino based talent. We saw the warning signs early and pivoted fortunately.

As you may have discovered, finding ‘a virtual assistant’ is relatively easy. Simply Google Virtual Assistant and 16.9 Million results (last I checked) are available for your viewing pleasure. You may have also discovered that the real challenge is not finding ‘a VA’, but rather finding ‘the RIGHT VA’ for your needs and expectations and budget.

I know you desire a US based VA, but I encourage you to consider the Philippines for your talent search.


No, not because I happen to own a Virtual Assistant company based in the Philippines, but rather, because I saw through personal experience outsourcing to Filipino VA myself that there is nowhere else in the world that offers such unique value. (i.e. highly educated, highly technical skilled, high English proficiency, at $5 - $7 per/hr. AND best of all, consistently some of the nicest more honest people you’ll ever meet).

I know you’re on a budget, and still need highly skilled staff to help you execute your vision. Consider the Philippines.

We offer a FREE 15 min consultation at to help you get clear on exactly what you need to accomplish and which proven Filipio VA’s can help you execute your plan.

Consider booking a free consult and let’s see if we can help:

Also, consider checking out our Podcast for tips & tool when working with Filipino VA’s:

Good luck!

Joel Nelson
Founder ZVAF

Answered 6 years ago

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