I want help with creating buzz, incentive, or reward for IT companies to want to refer us to their clients. I want them to only think of us when it comes to websites or PHP custom application programming. We are a web development firm. Our best referral sources are IT service companies. We want more of them to refer us to their clients. What incentive could we use to refer their clients to us? We have tried a percentage of the business they refer, not great results. We have tried to offer the IT companies some complimentary web services, not great response.

I'd say the best source of ideas on more effective referral programs are to ask your referral sources. Even surveying them with a very simple survey could not only provide some added insights but also reinforce your gratitude for their continued loyalty.

What you might be under-estimating is how good the IT Service firms referring you look when they're able to get their clients a great web development outfit on time and on budget, or at least, I presume this to be the case ;) There are so many bad web shops out there, that just having a reliable referral source might be value enough.

Also, if referrals are being made by only a handful of employees inside these IT service firms, you might consider just spending the fee on a great regular dinner or lunch. High-touch relationship building is often more effective as a lubricant to further business amongst service providers than elaborate referral / incentive programs.

Happy to talk to you further about how to evaluate your options.

Answered 7 years ago

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