Hi there,

To answer this question I would like to know your risk tolerance and capacity as well as your expected return.

However here are some brainstorming ideas:

I would invest a part of it into real estate in emerging markets like Colombia or Brazil at the moment the currency is very much devaluated and the prices are low.

Medellin in Colombia and Buzios close to Rio der Janeiro provide a very high quality of living and the security issues are not a problem anymore. You can sub-rent the real estate and earn a good income or you can resale them once the exchange rate is improving and prices are increasing again.

With another part of the money I would buy a bond portfolio which will give you a good interest rate and stable income. Stock market in my opinion is overrated at the moment and I would invest only a small portion. A the same time, I believe the commodities (Oil & Gas and Precious Metals) have reached their bottom.

If you are interested, I can ask you more questions to identify your investment profile and give you a tailor made investment proposal.

Answered 6 years ago

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