What are some common pitfalls and misconceptions about what to look for and how to find what you're looking for?

In the clients I have worked with, the buzzword I'd use is "alignment". Alignment between your organization and this prospective CEO, in terms of values, vision and execution.

Assuming for a moment that you'd only look at experienced people that have some level of skill to speak of, think not of who they are, but of whether they can make your company how it should be.

Thus the common pitfall is 'if they succeeded with that other company, they'll do well with this company too!'.
That is often not the case.

Most startup CEOs have a mix of failures and successes - not all of which were in their hands - but true lasting success between CEO and company only happens when they have a revitalizing effect on existing strengths and culture in your enterprise.

Happy to talk more at length if you'd like !


Answered 8 years ago

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