Would be happy to help here. In a past life, I managed a division of 50 team members overseeing marketing, sales and client services for a SaaS-based technology company focused on selling products to small to medium businesses as well as member-driven organizations (such as professional societies, college orgs, non-profits, religious groups etc.) far and away the primary sales tool (particulary for our inside sales team) was utilizing webinar demonstration for a range of audiences - where my team would delivery 60+ sessions per week; the one on one demos typically were delivered in-person by our outside sales team, since the discovery and planning process for those demos needed to have client input and participation to curtail the agenda to highlight our value proposition relative to their goals and challenges. My current firm, while offering no "out of the box" SaaS solutions does work with entrepreneurs and SMBs to build various cloud-based software solutions from scratch and bring them to market (including providing demos, marketing materials etc.)

There are nuances for each product/market to take into account, but the path for building your demo agenda and facilitating a great sales experience in the process is very achievable. Reach out if you'd like to chat further.

Answered 6 years ago

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