I started a company to help others write documents and letters to their relatives or events. We are focused on helping other to express their feelings through writing. So far we are attracting customers by giving them the first letter for free. We have spent under 100 dollars on ads in Facebook, but haven't gotten enough traction. How do we build a successful customer funnel? Btw, the service is targeting Mexico's market. So far we have 3 users, 1 of them is a friend of mine and is close to do a new request. I was thinking of growing our likes in Facebook more aggressively, but I want some insight into this. Thanks in advance

We need to work on MVP and customer validation : how can we make the offering more specific and does this get a positive pickup from potential customers?

When I work with my startup clients, we spend an incredible amount of time just summarizing the problem and how you are solving it. This needs clarity of thought as well as some data to back up user sentiment - "do we really need this?"

Let's talk about prevalence of letter writing in your country and if assisted or outsourced writing helps your consumer solve a problem.

Answered 5 years ago

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