I am building an MVP to prove a new business concept around using technology to help women research beauty products. I am getting conflicting advice around whether the MVP should be built as an App or as a Mobile Responsive website. Longer term, I see the App being the predominant platform for our service and my target market are the millenial segment who are high smart phone users. I would love some advice on pros and cons of the App versus Website route for testing an MVP?

As with any other website, a mobile website is a browser-based way of accessing internet content. Unlike regular websites, it's designed specifically for mobile devices, and therefore is not displayed perfectly on desktop. Along with mobile, there's another broader concept of optimizing websites for smaller screens: we're talking about a website with responsive design. A responsive website contains HTML pages linked together, which are viewed in browsers over the internet. Here you won't find anything out of the ordinary. However, unlike regular websites, this particular type is geared to displaying correctly on all sizes of screens. It works well not only with mobile-friendly websites and desktop versions of them, but also properly scales down for smartphones and tablets with touchscreen interfaces. Therefore a responsive web design goes perfectly with the mobile device just as much as a mobile website.
Compatibility. A website enhances the user experience across different types of mobile devices. In contrast, a mobile application requires developing a separate version for each operating system and device type.
Broader Reach. Due to the multi-device support that responsive web design provides across various platforms, it's becoming easy to reach a broader audience than a mobile app can reach. In the "app vs website" debate, the website definitely wins in terms of the potential audience.
Support and Maintenance. Websites also cost less to upgrade. You need to maintain just a single version of them. Compared to mobile apps, which require downloading of every single update, responsive/mobile websites let you change the content or design just by editing them once and allow you to do that efficiently and flexibly.
Convenience. Unlike an application, a responsive/mobile website can't leverage all smartphone features as efficiently. Cameras, GPS, phone dialing, and other features integrated into mobile devices aren't always well developed for responsive/mobile websites. Another limitation to user benefits is a device's screen size. Of course, portability is the key reason why users enjoy having smaller devices on the go. However, mobile devices display a lot less content compared to a computer monitor or laptop screen. Both responsive design and mobile websites don't fully access all the content available on the desktop.
User Experience. Since mobile experiences significantly differ from desktop experiences, implementing the same interface for both platforms may harm your UX strategy.
Offline Access. Even if you design your mobile website in the lightest and most informative way possible, it still may work offline with only limited functionality using cached pages.
There are so many factors that are due to word count I can't list out all. We can schedule a call in more detail
drone marketplace What recommendations do you have to create a marketplace for FAA 107 licensed drone pilots to exchange services with companies?
Your marketplace has so many license limitations including FAA. You have to think about licensing and fees from FAA. The rest process will be very normal like other marketplaces. After developing a marketplace you should think about Digital marketing and how to monetize your market with your local and region related keywords
I need help to build the finance projection on my business to-b
most important you need to understand the basics of your finance. The next important step is understanding Finance tools, automation, and integration tool which can help you and your website. The most important part you required a mentor how to have 16 plus years of experience in an online marketplace. you can always contact me with further questions.

Answered 8 months ago

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