Actually I have written a concept statement of my business plan and I want the people who are reading my business idea to give some important feedback and to raise some questions whose answers we will give. So, here is the concept statement: Product-We provide deep linking and advertising service for app developers to improve upon app advertising by using our SDK (software development kit). Developers basically can lock down certain features of their apps and user can unlock that features by seeing an advertisement and use those pro features and also developer can control its app advertisement using our free service for developers. Target market-Mobile App developers and individual mobile advertisers and mobile application market. Special Feature-We provide choice to users whether they want to see banner ads or want to watch a video ad to remove banner ads for a day or for an hour or more (which is controlled by app developers). We also provide some other features also like, if you see this add you will be able to unlock some pro features of the app. Marketing Strategy -We will promote us via online presence or via twitter and later we will promote us in tech conferences and developer conferences. Scaling Strategy-We will scale it up and build a centralised ad platform and our user can sync with all the application and can transfer our virtual money all over other application and use it on from one application to other application and can use that virtual currency to remove advertisements and buy pro versions of applications. Thank You For Reading.

The application you're describing is probably useful, and can probably be sold... but that's not the question :)

The question is what it will cost you to acquire a new customer, and what you can charge that customer.

Before actually BUILDING this thing, see if you can get 10 potential customers to at least SAY they're interested. In exchange for their feedback during the development process, offer them free use of the product until it's released, and then for a year thereafter. If you can't close that sale, then either you or your product has a problem.

If you CAN get a handful of customers to agree to this "free participation as a development partner" arrangement, then move on to step two: get yourself a HUNDRED signed up. This is a larger number than you can pursue manually, which means you'll have to develop your sales pitch as a landing page on a website, figure out what language will be effective, decide where to advertise, and so forth.

Again, if you accomplish this, then you're very well along the way to making this project feasible. But if any part of the above seems impossible, or too expensive, or too confusing or scary, then don't bother wasting your time creating the system.

In other words, I'm saying you need to test whether you're capable of building a marketing engine to support the sales of this concept. I *assume* you're capable of creating the underlying product, but that's far from the only challenge.

I hope the above was helpful, and of course do feel free to look me up for a call if you'd like to discuss further.

Answered 4 years ago

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