I'm in the process of creating a workshop business which also offers therapy and coaching services. I am debating whether to brand it under my name ( or under a separate brand name (or both?). I've seen people offer similar services using both models and wanted some feedback on what is the best direction to take and why?

Both. By all means, have your cake & eat it too!

If your brand IS your identity, then what's your exit strategy?

When you sell the business, do you let the buyer run amok with your personal name? Then lose your reputation AND access to your identity online!

Do you force the buyer to contemplate an expensive rebrand that disorients your audience? Then lose your buyer!

You want a brand that can be detached from your identity. But you also want to build your personal reputation in tandem with that of your workshop business.

Why not give your audience (and yourself) 2 doorways? Let them find you however they please and associate the 2 names in a way that allows for future separation.

Answered 7 years ago

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