The word entrepreneur comes from the French word "to undertake”. One of the defining factors for an entrepreneur is to take the necessary steps to create a business that will, when managed properly, continue making them money while they are not working. By most definitions, a freelancer is not an entrepreneur. There are some certain traits, qualities, and values that most successful entrepreneurs share. While they do not guarantee success, certain entrepreneurial characteristics lay a strong foundation for life of risk-taking and reward. First and foremost, entrepreneurs value independence. Entrepreneurs are self-reliant. They enjoy being responsible for their own success and take pride in building something greater than themselves. If the thought of not getting paid on a regular basis, failing to sell your product, or simply falling flat on your face frightens you to paralysis, you may have difficulty dealing with the up-and-down nature of entrepreneurship. Due to the higher levels of risk, long-lasting entrepreneurs are also frugal.
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