I've been a self employed "Entrepreneur" since 2015, but started my business back in 2011.

Entrepreneurship is such a vague term, what is it specifically that you would like to do? If you're business you'd like to start requires a specific skill-set or if a certain knowledgebase would be helpful you should get a job doing that.

For example, I see so many people wanting to open bars, yet many of them have never even worked in a bar or the hospitality industry. For someone like that getting a job in a bar and working in as many positions as possible would be helpful. When you are an Entrepreneur or the owner of a business everything falls on your shoulders, so if the kegerator isn't working that's your problem, you need to know how to fix it. That's why if I were going to open a bar I'd work as a barback, a bartender, a server, a manager, before I was confident I could open a bar.

There's other hard skills that are always good to have such as sales, marketing, video editing, graphic design, etc. If you were to get a job which could teach you any of those skills that would be incredibly helpful.

Figure out specifically what type of business you'd like to start or what type of Entrepreneur you'd like to be and that will give you a better idea of which job you should get to learn those skills.

Answered 4 years ago

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