The best way to learn to be an entrepreneur is to start being one! Start small - consulting, part-time entrepreneurship or freelancing. Find what works for you and what your customers are willing to pay for.
I first started freelance résumé writing more than a decade ago. I never dreamed that it would enable me to start a successful business, to write a best-seller, to be invited to The White House and ultimately to teach others about how to pitch their ideas, innovations and inventions.
Entrepreneurship is hard of course, but it's lots of fun! It's also a great component of a comprehensive plan you can build for an uncertain job market. You can always develop new skills, build new relationships and grow your career options - and you can do it all working for yourself. If you offer something that folks need in any economic environment, you'll find you're building your own job security, even if it's part-time at the beginning. Start today!

Answered 7 years ago

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