Hi! We are building a webapp that will revolutionize the productivity market. We have deployed an MVP and received seed investing for 50K USD. In order to take out app to the next level we will need to raise 500K. We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and raising that sum at reasonable equity here is difficult for start ups. So we are thinking of going to Silicon Valley in 3 months to pitch VCs find the right investing. My questions are: 1) Is it difficult for somebody who comes from Argentina to be funded by VCs in Silicon Valley? 2) What do you suggest in terms of scheduling meetings? 3) How should we aproach the VCs and get in touch with them, rather than just google them and send emails to their offices? Thanks for your help!

Felicidadeds on raising $50k so far! Before you pitch to VCs, it's important to perfect your presentation with a clear ask, a compelling story and a unique value proposition. I'll bet each VC in Silicon Valley has heard from 20 people this week claiming to have a product that will "revolutionize" some part of an existing industry. Whether you're coming from Argentina or from California, you have to highlight what is unique about your product, what is your business model and what evidence suggests there's a viable consumer market.

I'd then of course advocate networking and researching each VC in advance to determine what their pitch or solicitation practice is. Start on LinkedIn and see who you're already connected to. You can add me and then my network becomes yours. You may also want to attend some pitch events if you have access to those in Argentina. See how others are pitching apps and what you can learn from them.

Most importantly, don't schedule any meetings until you have a great pitch, a professional presentation and a clear "ask" prepared. As you pitch and you receive feedback, adjust your approach to incorporate the best and most common notes you've received.

Call me any time so I can provide additional guidance for you. Hablo español tambien, (though admittedly, my Spanish is nowhere as good as my English!) y es un placer assistir a clientes en Sud America!

Answered 7 years ago

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