Whether it is creating a first impression(publicity), reminding users of the brand, creating impressions. In your experience what is the best target goal for Facebook. (More specifically for a 18-30 middle class urban old age group)

Facebook are incredible for making a first impression exactly because of the targeting - you can target not just by the location (country, states, cities, zip codes), gender and age, but by a huge variety of other choices: education, relationship status, job industry, income, interests, behaviours... everything is there!

However, Facebook ads work much better for B2C companies rather than B2B. The simple reason: why do people go to Facebook? Why do You go to Facebook? - to engage with friends and family members, to find some interesting things, catch up on the news. But people do NOT go to Facebook with an intention to buy.

So, even with the incredibly power of interests targeting, there's so little you can do. For example, if you were promoting legal services, you could continue doing that for years and years without any success - if I didn't have any legal case, I wouldn't take any notice into the ads.

On the opposite, if there's already a heavy need for your products and if they have a short 'life', the awareness campaigns can quickly generate immediate conversions too.

So there's a combination - in most cases you need to use the brand awareness campaigns with the acquisition campaigns. Best of all, you can use the Facebook remarketing to target even your current clients, subscribers or website visitors and generate conversions in that way.

Answered 6 years ago

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