Whether it is creating a first impression(publicity), reminding users of the brand, creating impressions. In your experience what is the best target goal for Facebook. (More specifically for a 18-30 middle class urban old age group)

Facebook Ads are incredibly powerful for a variety of reasons. The most powerful feature about Facebook Ads is the ability to target. Simple demographic and location targeting is useful if you want to target a specific group, say 18-30 yr old middle class people who live in certain urban areas. This isn’t that difficult with most ad platforms. What is extremely powerful about Facebook Ads is the ability to target people based on interests or behaviors.

Say for example, you are promoting a ski area to people in the 18-30 yr old middle class group. If you are trying to sell season passes or lift tickets you can target people who are already connected to that ski area on Facebook, you can target people who enjoy skiing and live within the geographical area likely to attend the ski area, or you can target people who are engaged with other regional competitors or friends with people that frequent your area or local competitors.

You can also use Facebook Ads to help explain an idea or reach a new product. Say you want to increase exposure for the same ski area. You can widen your net and run advertisements designed to help build the brand and create exposure, still geographically limited to help maximize the effectiveness of your budget.

You can also track all of these ads all the way down to the sale to determine how effective they are in terms of driving traffic and sales. You can then refine the campaign accordingly in real-time to help maximize your profit.

Answered 6 years ago

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