I need a way to discover my strengths, love startups, technology but have no clue about the technical side. My greatest passion is to run my own company, but i have no clue which vertical i must get into, nor do i know where my strength will be. i have failed running two companies, both were based online and i realised that marketing costs were too high, so i had to give them up. Need help to get back up!

I was trained as a Mechanical Engineer and now, run a few businesses.

One thing that really helped me figure out the answer to your question (which was my question too) was to take a step back from trying so hard to identify my passion or make a decision. Instead I focussed on doing a few things e.g. write a journal, read widely in any topic of interest to me, take long walks and relax. The mental break that I got from doing this relaxed me. And the practice of reading and journaling began to bring clarity to the direction I should take.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to ask more...

Answered 8 years ago

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