The Systems Mindset comes from Sam Carpenter's book. He talks about looking at your life from an elevated perspective and fixing each individual system so you can make your primary system work well. The systems in my life would be education, relationship, health and fitness. Does anyone understand how this applies to making my personal life better?

Definitely! If you look at your life like a franchise, you'd take each of the systems you described above (which are large chunks) and break them down. In a franchise, you'd have customer service, sales, marketing, production, administrative, etc. - these correlate to your categories. Start with each system, define your anticipated outcome and then you can create systems to achieve those outcomes. Example: Relationship (I'm assuming personal). Let's say the outcome is "Feel fulfilled". Tough one, because feelings are subjective. But you can make this into a system by identifying what's important to you about relationships, and making sure those values are fulfilled every day, which will result in relationships being fulfilling.

So a system to create a fulfilling relationship might be:

1. Define what's important to me (values)
2. Identify actions I can take every day to fulfill those values.
3. Do the action items (sub process)

That's just one example. Hope that helps.

Answered 5 years ago

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