I am building a freelance marketplace site with a WordPress theme. The idea is like fiverr for the free sharing economy. Online services will be provided by users in exchange for points that can be used to trade for another service just like the barter system. Apart from advertising, what revenue model options are available? Would this idea work at all?

I love marketplaces and sharing! I have found that positioning and branding are key to any kind of revenue.

What services do you want your site to be known for?

For instance, Fiverr is best known for design and media services, Yelp is best for food and recreation, Angie's List for home and house services.

To build your user base, you'd want no barriers to entry. You could get people providing services or posting ads to "cash in" their currency once they are in, the currency will only work if it gives people security and trust. Either way, branding and niche first!

I work with startups that are in early growth and angel funding stages as well as Fortune 500 leaders.

To get traction you may need to mix Professonals in their fields with amateur or beginners. First goal is usefulness to casual visitors right away - that will give the eyeballs you need for revenue regardless.

Would love to hop on a call with you anytime!


Answered 6 years ago

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