I am building a freelance marketplace site with a WordPress theme. The idea is like fiverr for the free sharing economy. Online services will be provided by users in exchange for points that can be used to trade for another service just like the barter system. Apart from advertising, what revenue model options are available? Would this idea work at all?

No idea is a bad idea !! And what works only they (world) can tell. Who knew the 140 characters could have revolutionized the world creating a parallel universe... So.. try it.. you never loose..

My personal opinion - I like it. There are some startups I have heard of who are doing the same thing for Social causes.

E.g, I can give away my time, or service (book keeping if I am an accountant). Money etc.

In nutshell, unlike Fiverr, freelancer or Guru, you currency is not money but "sweat currency". I am sure there would be marketers who can ask a programmer to create a website and in return help them with building there social media profile. I would do it .. so you already have 1 customer. I am willing to pay $9/Mo just to be on a platform, if there are more people.

Revenue Models -
1) Advertizing - this is for the dumbest of all.. Spoils the user experience. Had it been year 2000-2005 , i would have said ..go for it !!
2) Feature lock Freemium model - Like linkedin
3) Mail chimp model - where you limit the numbers for free customers

I see a potential.

You main concern here is not the revenue. I guess , it is the growth ! 2 sided market places are the toughest ones .

If we want to talk to me .. feel free..
I am willing to spare 30 mins (free) if you are not in a position to pay..
I love idea brainstorming :-) get a high from it !!!

Answered 6 years ago

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