What pieces of information would you use as stepping stones? What do you wish you have known at age 18 that would have contributed to more success? Where would you have invested more of your time and knowledge into?

Hi there! I love the fact that you are thinking in fundamentals - good habits and cornerstone knowledge makes all the difference when starting the heady journey that is a startup.

Let's start with three principles here, and you can always call me for a longer discussion! Love talking about Leadership.

1. Learn to iteratively tackle a problem:

One of the most important things I teach in Problem Solving is Communicate with the Problem. That is, understand it - it's not going away, it's bothering you, but know that it can ALWAYS be solved.

Military strategies from WW2, your own sense of history, your family's history, and a careful study of similar problems will give you a dogged sense to stay with a nagging problem. It's like staying on a bucking bronco horse that is trying to throw you off - and not giving in.

2. People are different, and different is good:

No startup was done without help from others. Perspective is not just 'I see things differently', it is 'I know different stuff' as well as 'I can see different things altogether'. In other words, learning to identify, respect and positively utilize differences in perspective - a cornerstone of team building - is critical for being a leader, and getting things done.

3. There is probably no single thing that is 'the end':

As a younger person, many things can feel like 'do or die', the 'end of the world'. Grab on to your failures and less-than-proud-moments as treasures to float to the next level. Got duped? Remember it. Plan didn't work? Remember it. Lost money? Know how that happened, never let it happen, and use all of this to build best practices and strategies.

Problem Solving, Patience, People-Orientation.
Now that's leadership!
Give me a call if you'd like, let's talk more.


Answered 4 years ago

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