I'm launching a business this fall and there is a lot to do, but I'm thinking about taking a quick business class as well. While I'm great at learning by doing, I do appreciate formal classroom education. Is it worth it to take the course? As a new entrepreneur and first time business owner, how do you learn?

I've worked with many start up entrepreneurs and laying a good business foundation is so important. Looking at what you don't know and addressing that now will only help you to succeed.

Great question. I highly recommend using your local resources such as Small Business Development Center (a part of the SBA). Many of their classes are free or minimal cost and they offer free and confidential counseling. They can also connect you with retired executives that have been through starting, running and selling a business or two. They are good advisors. I also suggest you reach out to anyone you may know that is currently running a successful business for their help. There may be industry councils or groups in your area that are also a good source of information as well as economic development organizations through your county. There is a lot of free support available. I also recommend you look at your LInkedIn connections for who may be of help. Other types of classes are offered through Coursera, Open Sesame online. If I can be of further help please let me know.

Answered 5 years ago

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