I'm launching a business this fall and there is a lot to do, but I'm thinking about taking a quick business class as well. While I'm great at learning by doing, I do appreciate formal classroom education. Is it worth it to take the course? As a new entrepreneur and first time business owner, how do you learn?

Hmm. I think you learn by doing. And from the get-go, you'll want to differentiate between working in the business and working on the business. Working in the business is hammering the nails. Working on the business is courting clients, developing your marketing strategy, and yes, beefing up your knowledge in different areas. That being said, I wouldn't recommend a "formal classroom education." I've never taken a business class, and after three months of trying to run my own business, I knew more than my friends who had graduated with degrees in business administration. Why is that? Well, you can take notes, read a textbook, memorize material, and get an A on a test. But much of what you learned won't be applicable to your business. It's like reading a book about how to swim or how to cast a fly rod. You get a perfect paper score, and then you go drown. And you can't catch dinner. Learn by doing. Your "score" will be repeat customers, making more money, referrals, and hopefully, the freedom you create for yourself by building a self-sustaining business. Show me a textbook about business that can show you how to use Periscope to position yourself as a thought leader. Show me the business textbook that will help you decide whether to use a WordPress plug-in, or Space-Box, or Gumroad, for your shopping cart, payment processing, and fulfillment. You get the point. Read fifty blog posts on any subject you're interested in, and you'll probably know more than your professor/instructor.

The vast majority of experts in business are busy building businesses (and maybe blogging about it) and not giving tests on the subject. I've taught at the university level, so that's I feel comfortable making that statement.

Do you want head knowledge or practical experience? You already know how to get both.

If you want to discuss further, call me! It would be fun to chat.

Austin L. Church

Answered 5 years ago

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