1) We are deploying a SAAS that needs a near 100% uptime since customers will be connecting to our server every minute. 2) We need a Mysql db and a php environment. 3) To keep our costs down initially (before we truly scale), what would a good server architecture be for us? 4) Would a PAAS be a good option? Or should we go for 2 dedicated servers with load balancing? Since we want to keep our costs down initially (bootstrapped!), we don't want to hire a "network engineer"... At least not until our service hits a certain benchmark. So any advice would be welcome... Thanks in advance.

I think you're not fully embracing the lean startup methodology.

Is your SaaS handling some operations that are a matter of life and death or critical mission thing for an organization?

if the answer is No start with simplest option and do a soft launch and invite some carefully selected (50) beta testers.

Get the service going and gather feedback as much as possible. Then when you're at version 1.5 or 2.0 you'd know the problem you're solving a lot better.

Orbisius & qSandbox

Answered 6 years ago

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