My current circumstances currently prevent me from working full time. And I also need to make to $8000 in the upcoming months to pay my family's bills. I'm good at writing. I also love research and have what it takes to produce new ideas/strategies in entrepreneurship. I thought about building my audience first through writing articles on Medium, but people didn't show up. Then I thought about writing free ebooks then switching to paid ones, but I don't know how I should build my audience. What should I do?

Earning a living by publishing books either in hard copy or Ebook format is a tough slog. I have published over 20 books in both formats. Some of the books were self-published others published by major publishing houses such as Doubleday, Prentice Hall and McGraw Hill. Two of these books were best-sellers, each as a result of my own marketing efforts.

Since you are good at writing and enjoy research, you might try freelancing. There is a huge demand for good content for online use. And with the growth of content marketing, many businesses are looking for good writers to help prepare great content.

I don't know what your fields of interest and expertise are; give me a call an i will help get you started on researching potential sources of freelance work.

Answered 5 years ago

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