What would be the best platform (or method) to attract affiliates that find connect me to clients for my Wikipedia page creation campaign?

I create Wikipedia pages for clients on popular freelance websites and have been quite successful with nearly 100 5-star feedback reviews as well as an overall 5 star rating... these freelance websites charge me 10-20% of the revenue depending on each site (I can pay a similar or even a higher amount to affiliates should they be able to bring me eligible clients). My target market is notable individuals or companies (perhaps celebrities or tech startups in silicon valley but not limited to a single niche) that do not yet have a Wikipedia page but do have some media coverage so that I can create new Wikipedia pages for them. I would like to reach out to them via affiliates marketers - any tangentially related suggestions would be appreciated too. As this is a service, not a pre-made product, the affiliate networks I am aware of (such as clickbank) do not fit this model. I can leave it upto affiliates how to find clients; to use email lists or personal marketing, however, most affiliate networks I have searched up on the internet are not reliable or are based on online products rather than services.


Why not outsource it? An easy search on upwork or fiver could find you the people you need to get your wikipedia campaign done. In the end it will only cost a fraction compared to an entire affiliate program.

Answered 6 years ago

If I am clear on what you want to accomplish, reach out to publicists, or the agent/agency of record, to pitch writing Wikipedia pages for celebrities. "A-list" corporations and startups tend to have an internal communications team/department so, pitch to those who manage media relations or PR.

When it comes to media mentions or increasing awareness, celebrities do not employ formal business tactics, like affiliate marketing. Therefore, ideal to create a list of celebrities, by industry, who do not have Wiki pages and pitch directly to their "handlers," which could be anyone from a personal assistant to a booking agent (highly unlikely that they are on Fiverr). An easier method may be to target agents of record. The only drawback is that most on their roster may already have a Wiki page. The next best method is to pitch via, which is a tool that even journalists for mainstream media outlets use to garner responses.

Something to keep in mind is that "A-listers" don't need a Wiki page to increase credibility, awareness, engagement and sales. Wikis for celebs are more pull than push. However, B/C-listers and experts who aspire to be a leading authority or thought leader normally benefit from Wiki listings. A Wiki mention gives aspiring celebs credibility for more media mentions. Whereas, Wiki pages for celebs are generally created as a result of media mentions. In short, your target audience may be up and coming speakers, authors, startup founders, etc. who have local buzz and need to increase regional, national or international buzz. The method of reaching the latter target audience is the same, but is usually less guarded. Social media is an easy way to reach the appropriate contact in either regard.

In my experience managing media, PR, communications, marketing and branding for clients (celebs in entertainment, academic thought leaders and those in professional services), I see Wiki entries that have scattered, inaccurate information. You may also do well pitching Wiki EDITS for existing pages.

Call me to learn additional methods for reaching your target audience as well as defining and positioning your product.


Answered 6 years ago

Depending on your pricing, you could put together a webinar that explains the benefits of having a wiki page and then approach key influencers that have audiences that would be a good fit for the product. If the webinar converts, you have an asset in which the affiliates can lead with in promoting and this would also build your email list with the people who do not buy. These people you can continue to nurture.

Answered 4 years ago

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