They are not my friends or family. These are normal people brought in through adwords PPC. Paid $500 , received 350 visits, 168 became simple members, 26 registered for a free trial, 19 autoenrolled for 70Usd/year, the rest canceled. For me this is relevant because I got my money back. I can pursue existing members to share and get me their friends in exchange of 1-2 months free. Would these numbers be relevant for an investor ? Should I keep on doing it and see if the numbers stack up or if it was a lucky streak?

Congrats! You've reached a milestone few entrepreneurs do - you have paying customers!

More tactically:
1. If you have CAC < ACV for an initial trial that's a great sign of existing market demand. Especially if this is an unoptimised PPC campaign.
2a. You've not mentioned how long this experiment ran. If it was a few hours, it suggests that the market is significantly large. If it ran for a week, not as much.
2b. If you're paying $1.5 per click, that suggest low or no competition (depending on the segment, keywords, optimisation).
3. If you got your money back, and your COGS of the product are low, keep pumping at least the $500 back into PPC. There is no downside, and you will quickly find out what the limit is.
4. May be relevant for an angel investor (friends, family, fools) not institutional. The ticket size is low, churn is unknown, and market size is unclear.

There is a huge amount of work ahead of you in segmentation, targeting, to find adjacent segments, building a referral program, and understanding market scale.

But this is an awesome first step! I've helped multiple B2C products & marketplaces scale revenues 2-10X over 6 months, can help more over a call.

Answered 6 years ago

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