They are not my friends or family. These are normal people brought in through adwords PPC. Paid $500 , received 350 visits, 168 became simple members, 26 registered for a free trial, 19 autoenrolled for 70Usd/year, the rest canceled. For me this is relevant because I got my money back. I can pursue existing members to share and get me their friends in exchange of 1-2 months free. Would these numbers be relevant for an investor ? Should I keep on doing it and see if the numbers stack up or if it was a lucky streak?

IMHO It depends. :-)

What works now might not work later. Is this scalable? is there differentiation in the market? Do you have a something unique and sustainable long term?

I would certainly do another test run to see if you can get it really off the ground and make some real money. If you see something that could prove a good ROI long term then it might be interesting for an investor.

Answered 6 years ago

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