I want to start an online business with sole 100% foreign ownership. As it's an online Marketing and Design business, the registration for me is just a legality and something that will support my credibility. All my operations will be conducted online. I've read many articles about the best countries to start a business in, and I can see many recommendations going to New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. I've read a lot about each country but I also believe getting practical recommendations is essential. Which country do you recommend for an online business model? In terms of ease of starting a business, laws, country stability, credibility, taxes and ease of business growth in terms of operations (such as office rental costs..etc) Looking forward to hearing from you and even talking further about it after your answer.

I have registered over 20 companies in the last decade and from my experience I can tell you that every country serves a different purpose. I run a small gambling company that I have registered in Malta due to the legality of online gambling there. I have another company registered in Delaware, whilst my main company is registered in the Netherlands. If your business is only online I would advise you to register it in Europe or if you must in the United States in Delaware/Nevada. Credibility wise I would say that registering your company in Singapore or Malta or Costa Rica, will not benefit you much opposed to say Delaware or The Netherlands.

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Answered 7 years ago

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