Like in gives platform to their user to create public profile pages, Is there any prebuild opensource software or any wordpress theme or plugin available to achieve the same thing? PS: Please note I want to create platform where my users can create their own public profile page not just my own personal page

The solution that is best for you depends on many things - what other features there will be besides just profile pages, what kind of scale you anticipate in the near term, your technical fluency or willingness to partner with a more technical person, etc. CMSs like Wordpress and Drupal are great for certain things, but customizations still take a lot of time and some technical fluency so the total cost/pain of implementation may end up being significantly higher than a custom coding job. It's really easy to stand up a basic and extensible profile page system with a modern framework (e.g. Meteor, Ruby on Rails, Django), so if you have enough technical fluency or are willing to partner with someone who does I generally tend to recommend starting there.

Answered 4 years ago

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