We are in rapid-growth mode and are doubling our sales team every 3 months. Many HR managers I know are using personality tests as part of the hiring process to help select between candidates. We would be using this for junior sales positions, after completing the initial screening call. It would help us evaluate which candidates are the best fit for in-person interviewing and hiring decisions. What tools have you found effective? Any other thoughts on how best to apply these screens? Would you recommend hiring a consultant to facilitate or run an in-house program?

Definitely spend time with them. You need to know what type of person they really are and that takes time. Watch how they treat your receptionist or answer a call, meet them for coffee or a brunch and see how they treat wait staff. Let them talk.

If you want an objective measuring tool, i love the DISC system. We offer a very indepth reporting tool than can measure one's communication styles (pros and cons), behaviors and motivators, AND we can assess their sales acumen. We offer a very detailed narrative report, as well as an optional debrief and deep dive on that individual (often used for incumbents to step up their game). I'm happy to discuss and offer a discount of the DISC assesssment per the cost of the Clarity call so that you aren't out additional funds learning about it.

Answered 2 years ago

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