I'm a 1st time startup co founder and CEO. My partner joined after falling in love with the idea, but since then, decision making became much more complicated, and I feel like the product gets pulled in too many opposing directions. When I do insist on my vision, we execute together beautifully. We did agree that I'll be the CEO, but it seems he has trouble settling for it. Any advice?

In the decision making process, neither you or your co-founder have a clear vision of the future (unless you are fortune-teller, which I hope is not the case); so ultimately both of you have to resort to external validation of your hypotheses.

Similarly in my personal experience, my co-founder and I had long debates regarding the product road-map early on. One month later, when we had a number of early adopters, a short email survey to few of our early adopters or a 5 minute view of our analytics tool would resolve most of our debates.

Answered 6 years ago

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