I'm looking to raise $2.2M for my startup with the goal of unlocking $.25/lb. from the 160,000,000lbs of Canadian annual harvest. I have all facets in place from investors slide deck to business plan, 25 years of trap to table experience and I am fourth generation - Since 1896. Here in Nova Scotia I feel like I'm trying to raise money in a small town, or neighborhood mentality. I know there's a big world out there, and I am looking forward to reach out to VC's. Details are as follows: - 2nd stage capital raise - $.25/share - 1M shares available

You're looking for funding but it's not VC money you want.

Look into Private Equity and Family Office opportunities instead.

A lot of PE (Private Equity) still prefer to work with physical, tangible and otherwise "traditional" businesses.

You can seek out a list with searches such as:

private equity nova scotia
private equity firm canada

Send some emails. Make some calls.

Another route is to seek out independent investors as business partners, preferably from those who built their wealth in comparable industries.

Best wishes with finding your funding source.

Answered 5 years ago

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