We will introduce a totally new service for the brides and weddings market. We need to create posters that communicate emotionally with our showroom visitors, especially brides. The posters will be used to inform and advertise. They should stimulate conversation about the idea and concept. We are unsure whether we should select an image created through graphics-style or a real bride photo. We are considering graphics so our posters will be consistent with other marketing. (Also, it is easy to do.) However, we also think a real photo is better at stimulating emotion. Please, advise.

This falls outside my field; but in the absence of responses from others, I'll throw in my 2 cents.

Yes, photographs will communicate emotion more viscerally and more immediately to a wider audience than would mere graphic design. It would take a rare painter to equal an average photographer for a job like this one.

We've all watched weddings all our lives – weddings of actual people; and we empathize or fantasize by imagining ourselves in their place. Especially among brides, it seems there's a strong desire to emulate. But we're all trained to respond to images of weddings and brides. The less stylized and abstract they are, the more evocative we'll find them.

That's my hunch. Browse some Pinterest boards about brides and weddings, and you'll quickly see for yourself what kinds of images people have selected and respond to emotionally.

Answered 6 years ago

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