The startup was recently launched with very little marketing strategy. It is not funded, and there is no real traction at this point. However, I believe in the vision and I know the domain well. They will also get press coverage in 2-3 weeks. I was approached with an 'equity-only' offer as a content strategist/marketer for the long term, 20-28 hours per week. I got this offer as the 'first employee'. Any advice on how much equity I should ask for? I am not sure I can propose to be a 'co-founder' at this stage, but I'm also unsure that 'employee' makes sense.

If they are offering equity as your payment then I'm surprised that they didn't come with a number. Or maybe they will. It's hard to give a firm answer because it all depends on how much money the two founders are investing on their own. If you say you'll invest equal portions then you can ask for 1/3 of the company. If you're just investing time, how much time, compared to how much of their time plus equity. Depending on those answers, the amount of equity you're worth can drop pretty low.

Answered 5 years ago

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